Solar Energy Equipment

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Solar Energy Equipment

Solar Energy Equipment


Solar energy equipment cabinet adopts solar energy power supply technology to power the GPRS/CDMA data transmission equipment, M-Bus meter reading stations/wireless concentrators inside the cabinet. It is made up of solar energy panel, storage battery, recharging controller and meter reading equipment. It is applicable to the locations where AC is unavailable on the site. 

Functional Characteristics:

1. Powered by sunlight as energy, it has low operating cost, being energy saving and environment-friendly. 

2. High conversion rate single crystal solar panel and large capacity storage battery are adopted to ensure high recharging efficiency. The equipment can operate under no light condition for longer time.  

3. Electricity-consuming equipment like data transmission equipment can be directly installed in cabinet. It is easy to install and maintain. Working voltage: 6V

4. Solar panel power: 30w  Battery capacity: 24Ah  

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