Wireless Handheld Meter Reader

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Wireless Handheld Meter Reader

Wireless Handheld Meter Reader


Wireless handheld meter reader and intelligent water meter adopt wireless mode for communication, which can collect and control various data of intelligent water meter. This product adopts large screen design with backlight, streamline appearance design, being novel and easy to carry. It’s user-friendly design makes it easier for operators to conduct meter reading.

Functional Characteristics:

1. Data transmission: Wireless handheld meter reader is a kind of mass-storage palmtop with multiple interfaces. By using the embedded wireless communication modules, operators can read and control wireless water meter on the site.

2. Mass storage: With mass storage function, it can store meter-reading data of approximately 40000 households.

3. Easy operation: all-in-one appearance design, large LCD screen, Chinese menu display, easy to operate and use.

4. Implementation of various instructions: include such functions as communication parameter setting, unit meter reading, separate meter reading, valve opening and closing, rewriting meter base reading and so on.

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