Gas Monitoring Equipment CH1000

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Gas Monitoring Equipment CH1000



1. Use imported, reliable,sensitive and long performance life electrochemical sensor.
2. Superbright LED Display
3. Four level sub-alarm.
4. Audible and Visual alarm
5. Portability,Safety,Reliable
6. Easy installation and maintenancel(Wall mounted)
7. Low-battery warning

Technology Index:

1. Detection Principle: Electrochemical cell
2. Display: Superbright LED Display
3. Power light: Green LED flashes once every 30 seconds
3. Low-battery warning
4. Alarm Density:
Under65ppm, Alarms Not Activate
70ppm-150ppm, Alarms Within 60~189 minutes
150-400ppm, Alarms Within 10~50 minutes
400ppm-700ppm,Alarms Within 4~15 minutes
700ppm-800ppm,Alarms Within 2~6 minutes
800ppm,Alarms Immediately
5. Operating Voltage: 9V Battery
6. Buzzer output: >85 DB at 3m
7. Operation Condition:
Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
Relative Humidity: 30%~95 %
8. Response Ttime: ≤ 30s
9. Standby Current: <20 µ A
10. Alarm Current: <20 mA
11. CO sensitivity meets: UL2034
12. Test facility: Yes
13. Self Check Function: Yes
14. Dimensions: 130X80X46 (mm)
15. Weight: 0.45kg

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